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Welcome to Wash Captain!

Have you ever gone to buy a piece of pressure washing equipment online and wondered who is on the other side? There are many online pressure washing websites out there, and not all of them have your best interests at heart. Here at Wash Captain, we strive to be different.

Who We Are

Our company has been in the pressure washing business for 47 years. The companies founder, Larry Gay started our pressure washing equipment and chemical company in 1974, with the dream of providing high-quality products with the best customer service. Today, Wayne Gay carries on his father's dream and has started one of his own, providing these deliverables online.

What We Do

Wash Captain saw the need for a reliable, trustworthy online pressure washing platform. We bring to the table a fully staffed service department, an experienced customer service team, and product knowledge on the top industry pressure washers. We carry a variety of pressure washing products including hot water pressure washers, cold water pressure washers, and pressure washing accessories.

Our Promise

Wash Captain promises to help you pick the right equipment for your job. On top of quality products, you will get great prices and exceptional customer service. If you have an issue in the field, one of our experienced service staff can help you troubleshoot, and will often provide you with a quick fix to get you through your job.

We are Wash Captain.

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