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KBE5L 2-step Val6 Heater

KBE5L 2-step Val6 Heater

* Call for specialty and bulk pricing*


Feel the sun!


The KBE5L 2-Step has a 100% fuel to energy conversion, providing clean, odorless, and smokeless operation. It comes with a high and low output to adjust how much heat you need, and it is not affected by wind, rain, or snow.


Call for pricing for thermostat add on. 

  • Features

    Heat Output    
    High:  118,000 BTU/hr

    Low:  100,000 BTU/hr

    High: 0.90 gallons/hr

    Low:  0.75 gallons/hr

    Diesel, Kerosene

    Tank Capacity  
    15 gallons

    Power Source    
    120 V 60 Hz

    Power Consumption (in ignition)    
    150 W

    Power Consumption (in operation)    
    High: 97 W

    Low:  96 W